Life Coaching and Consulting

life coaching

What is the difference between life coaching and consulting? Imagine that you want to learn how to drive a car. The consultant will teach you how to drive it and if you want, he or she will drive it for you. The life coach will help you understand the real reason why you want to learn to drive a car, he or she will help you become aware of what you need to do or be to become an exceptional driver and he or she will be there for you, as a co-driver, throughout the drive.

Life coaching is not consulting. The consultant is someone with specialized knowledge in his or her field. He or she will give you advices, provide information, propose solutions. Life coaching is not about giving advice or proposing solutions. In life coaching is not necessary for the life coach to have specialized knowledge in the area that he or she will support you. Having the necessary training and experience in life coaching will be sufficient. He or she will be there for you to help you explore the issue that troubles you. He or she will help you implement the solutions that you think are optimal. In reality, change is something complicated and the continuous support that is offered by a life coach is what makes life coaching so effective.