Life Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

life coaching

The concept of Emotional Intelligence started getting popular in the nineties. Emotional Intelligence has to do with the ability of someone to discern his or her emotions and the emotions of others. Emotionally intelligent people take into consideration emotional awareness in their choices. Four are the basic abilities that are connected with Emotional Intelligence: a) Self awareness is the ability to be aware of our emotions every single moment and comprehend our tendencies in different situations. B) Self management, which has to do with the management of our emotional reactions, our flexibility and our ability to direct our behavior positively. C) Emotional awareness is our ability to comprehend the emotions of other people. D) Relationship management has to do with the implementation of the previous three abilities to manage successfully the interactions with other people.

From the above, it becomes clear that Emotional Intelligence constitutes the basis of many critical skills, such as emotional flexibility, anger management, empathy, decision making and communication. But what is the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and life coaching? Life coaching can contribute to the improvement of someone’s Emotional Intelligence and this can occur in various ways.

First of all, life coaching can lead to the increase of someone’s self-awareness as far as his or her emotions, beliefs, etc, are concerned. A client might notice the need to improve his or her Emotional Intelligence after life coaching sessions. In life coaching sessions can be specified programs for the improvement of Emotional Intelligence that are based on specific strategies. Finally, life coaching can support on a permanent basis a client that is in the process of implementing the self improvement program that he or she has chosen.