Life Coaching and Management

life coaching

Management involves four basic operations:

- Design. Design is about defining what needs to be accomplished and about the development of an action plan for reaching the goals that have been set.

- Organization. If design is about the what, organization is about the how. Organization refers to the organization of resources, both material and immaterial, aiming at the achievement of the goals that have been set.

- Leadership. The manager needs to supervise, motivate, train, assess, etc the personnel under his or her responsibility.

- Control. Managers need to control what is happening in the area of their responsibility. They need to be aware of how the work progresses, and whether goals have been met so that they can take corrective and preventive actions.

So, what is the relationship between life coaching and management? This relationship becomes obvious if we regard life as a project. Imagine that: We have specific time in our disposal and specific resources such as money, skills, etc to take specific actions to reach specific goals. In reality we are the managers of our own life.

In this process of managing our own life, life coaching has a lot to offer. First of all, life coaching can help us increase our self awareness and our sense of responsibility for our own life. If we really accept that we are responsible for the reality we experience, then we can take our life in our hands, mobilize and commit to take actions and make changes. Life coaching has a lot to offer towards this direction. Life coaching sessions can provide a continuous support to all operations of a client’s life management.