Life Coaching and Mindfulness

life coaching

According to one of the definitions, mindfulness means paying attention on purpose in the present moment, suspending judgment. We intentionally talk about mindfulness and not about meditation. Meditation is a spiritual practice and there are various ways to do it according to various spiritual schools. Someone who is practicing meditation systematically can improve his or her mindfulness. However, mindfulness does not mean meditation. It means making a conscious effort to be present every moment and during every activity. Even to the simplest activity such as drinking a glass of water or making our bed, we can add a meditational hue.

But, why would we want to do it? Because it can enrich, it can change even the simplest, insignificant experience. Nowadays, mindfulness is being studied quite a lot. According to different studies, the main benefits of mindfulness are the following: increased well-being, increased creativity, reduced levels of stress, improved productivity, and increased level of attention.

So, what is the relationship between life coaching and mindfulness? First of all, at the level of life coaching sessions, a life coach who is trained in mindfulness can be more effective and efficient. Why that? Because he or she is really present with the client, listens carefully and calmly without judging, does not become lost in his or her own thoughts, shows genuine curiosity without being affected by his or her emotions, has greater understanding and greater awareness of himself or herself and the client. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) the above are some of the most important competencies of life coaches.

Furthermore, life coaching can help clients improve their quality of life, by supporting them in the process of integrating mindfulness in their lives. There are techniques and exercises that can be learned and implemented during life coaching sessions, helping clients acquaint themselves with mindfulness. A client that has discerned the benefits of the mindfulness approach can start implementing it in his or her life and be supported by the life coach during this process. In this way, life coaching can help clients resolve specific problems such as stress, uncertainties and negative emotions, through the use of mindfulness approaches.