Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP

life coaching

What does Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP mean and what is its relationship to life coaching? Since, it is very difficult to define NLP, any given definition could be limiting and misleading. Perhaps, the best way to conceive NLP, is as a personal growth philosophy that is based on some basic themes and consists of some basic techniques.

At the heart of NLP lies the connection between our thinking process (neuro), our behavior (programming) and the language we use (linguistic). The basic themes of NLP include the exploratory approach, the sensory acuity, the behavioral flexibility and the focus on desired outcomes. NLP implements various techniques, which are applicable in a variety of cases, such as communication improvement, visualization of a desired future, and liberation from undesired emotional states.

So, what is the relationship between life coaching and NLP? NLP is a language that can enrich the communication between the life coach and the client in the frame of life coaching sessions. It does not really matter whether a session is characterized as a life coaching session or NLP coaching session. In reality, life coaches that are trained in NLP have enriched their life coaching toolkit and can implement NLP tools and approaches, in the appropriate circumstances, to help their clients in the frame of life coaching sessions.